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Vocably translates and automatically creates flashcards for learning new words and phrases. Be it a news article, a YouTube video, or a lesson with a teacher: Vocably is here to help you become a confident and independent language user.

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Vocably is a new kid in school. Not many people have heard of it. Many of those who tried love it.

Your rating is precious for Vocably. It helps the app grow and become better.

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Vocably is 100% free.
Vocably is a 100% free product. It costs me around €150 every month. I created this project to help myself learn Dutch by reading the news and watching YouTube videos. It is helping me so much that I see these €150 as my monthly payment for using a fantastic tool. Also, Vocably is an open-source project. Of course, I’d be happy to make it profitable someday. I don’t know yet how I will do it. But I will do my best to keep it free for current users.
How It Works
Highlight a new word while browsing any website (works in Android, Chrome, Safari, and Safari Mobile).
Or click on a new word while watching YouTube (works in Chrome and Safari).
Or translate a new word in the mobile app.
Created flashcard
Vocably will automatically convert the word to the normal form (i.e. infinitive for a verb or singular for a noun), get its definitions, translations, and create high quality flashcards.
Created flashcard
The created flashcards are available to be studied with Spaced Repetition System (SRS) method on your mobile device.
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What language can I learn?

Vocably works exceptionally well for those who learn English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Arabic, Czech, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

But you can learn any language supported by Google Translate.

Reverse Translation

Would you like to say something in a new language, but don't know the word?

Use the reverse translation functionality in the mobile app.

Search for a new word in your own language, and save it as a flashcard.

Vocably is all about learning the words you need, so you can feel good about yourself when reading or speaking.

About Vocably
Photo of Dima Snisarenko

Hello, I'm Dima Snisarenko, an independent developer from Ukraine who has been living in the Netherlands since 2014.

I created Vocably because I wanted to read news in Dutch and learn the words I translate.

Vocably helped me a lot. Now, I can read and understand most news articles. Not all — but I have become a confident reader.

Now, I am working on my listening. I watch YouTube videos in Dutch and use Vocably to translate new words. Listening is hard! But I still practice.

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