About Vocably

Hi, I’m Dmytro Snisarenko. An indie developer from Ukraine who has been living in the Netherlands since 2014.

Even though I studied English at school, relocation showed me that I should invest in my language learning way more than I have.

A friend of mine suggested this method which I found compelling. It worked miracles but step 6 of the technique - Spaced Repetition System - was quite difficult. Not the SRS method itself - it’s wonderful and I use it whenever I have free time on my mobile. However, the ‘add English words and phrases to it’ part is tedious.

There are plenty of nice SRS applications, but none of them have a browser extension that lets you add flashcards automatically while surfing the web. I wanted flash cards to be added as easily as using Google Translate, otherwise, I lost context while adding them via a mobile or web app. There are some Chrome extensions that intend to combine Google Translate and SRS. I wanted my flashcards to have definitions. I also wanted my flashcards to be in ‘normal’ format e.g. singular form for nouns and infinitive for verbs. Also, the flashcards must be available on mobile so I can learn them anytime – even while sitting on the toilet. None of the platforms could give me that, so being a developer, I created one myself. It works for me. I have already significantly improved my understanding of Dutch. I’m still far from being fluent, but at least I can read almost fluently, which is definitely a good start. I hope you’ll find this app as useful as I do.

Feel free to send me a message at d@vocably.pro.